When New Year New You Isn’t Enough

with Maryellen Dance

For the last episode of the year (thank goodness 2020 is over!)

Maryellen talks about New Year’s Resolutions. No, she does not tell you to make New Year’s Resolutions…she tells you why New Year’s Resolutions DO NOT WORK.

…Don’t worry though. Maryellen chats about how to make different kinds of resolutions, goals, or intentions that actually will work.

Maryellen introduces the idea of S.M.A.R.T. goals.

S: Specific. No, Maryellen does not mean “go to the gym 3 times a week”. Specific is more like: Why am I setting this goal? What are the reasons I haven’t met this goal yet? How will I know when I do meet this goal?

M: Measurable. Am I setting this goal for my mood? My waist size? My bank account? What does that look like? How will I know I am doing this goal?

A: Attainable. Let’s set goals that are attainable. That does not mean that we are not reaching for our best selves…but we have to walk before we run. What is an attainable goal?

R: Realistic. Is it realistic for me to run a 6 minute mile as someone who has never run before and hates it? Nope! Maybe it’s realistic for me to run a 12 minute mile…..that doesn’t mean that one day I can’t get to the 6 minute mile if it’s something I really want. But let’s be realistic here.

T: Timely. Let’s set some timely markers along the way to know that we are working towards our goals.

If we start to look at goals in this way we are definitely more likely to follow through! Check out www.instagram.com/maryellendance . to see the S.M.A.R.T. goals she has set for the new year!