Does Your Podcast Need to have a Website?

with Andy Petek

Today Andy discusses whether or not your podcast needs to have a stand-alone website.  He discusses:

  • Tips for the different uses for podcasts that intend to be revenue bearing and how utilizing a website as a tool to showcase each episode in a written form will enhance the opportunity to capture traffic to the episode and make money.
  • Free tips and tricks to understand affiliate and partner linking from a website page for an individual episode, and how the extra options are a great resource to your audience.
  • The ‘Triple Threat Method’ of publishing content and how having a website is the necessary conduit for the different channels. Video, audio and text are the best resources to utilize to engage your veteran audience as well as gain more traffic. 

How linking and traffic referral patterns to different content in the future will help you get new listens to older relevant episodes through website posts. 


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Who this Episode is Great For

Interested in learning great ways to gain traction on your new podcast? Andy uses this episode to dig deeper into the importance of website creation for beginners with podcasts. He explains a variety of different, free options for you to get started on how to analyze the data you receive from websites. If you’re interested in using your podcast as a business, this is a great episode to learn the vital first steps before you can successfully monetize your podcast!


For beginning podcasters, intermediate podcast creators, and wannabe creators, this episode will provide you the basic information on how vital a website is to monetizing your podcast!


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In this episode: 

[0:00]  Introduction to The Episode

[1:05] What is the purpose of your podcast? 

[1:52] ‘Triple Threat Method’ : Record all podcasts episodes with video, audio, and text. Do not forget to share your content with any small businesses or creators that were involved in that episode. 

[2:34] Why you SHOULD have a website and the importance of branding your podcast on all outlets

[3:52] SEO Optimization of Websites- Growth and making money from a podcast are virtually impossible without Seo Optimization of the content you have created

[5:55] Podcast as Stand-Alone Business

[6:30] Suggestions for a Successful Podcast: Show notes, highlight content references (book, tool, App suggestions), utilize long-form content, 

[7:50] Importance of Page Views on Podcast Websites

[11:05] Website Basics Review

[12:42] Potential to Monetize a Podcast from a Website

[13:00] Website Resources

[13:30] What are we discussing next week: Monetizing a podcast

[13:55] Brief Explanation of Tandem Episode Sam & Sam: 

[14:45] Disclaimer

[15:05] How to Connect with us

[15:15] Out-tro


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