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1-2-3 Sports!

Hosted by Sophie DeWitt

Never heard of 1-2-3 Sports digest? From MLB to solo golfing, Tommy and Phil write about the world’s best, most ridiculous, interesting and compelling sports stories.

Just like this podcast, a simple newsletter tells us about more than just the title content.Tommy likes sports. Phil likes sports. They both read a lot of sports stories, pick out the best of the lot, and share them with you. This episode I read selects from some of my top 5 favorite stories form 1-2-3 Sports. Sign up for the digest now! @123sportsdigest123sportslist Select stories included in this podcast from the following digests: Week of May 28, 2021, Week of April 30, 2021, Week of March 19, 2021, The Single, Part I, The Pocket.

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