Three Types of Podcasters and What Makes

Them Tick


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Today Andy talks about the “THREE TYPES OF PODCASTERS.”  He discusses the most common types of people that get into podcasting and the motivations that have to create the show and the type of content specific to their objectives.

This is a person that wants to be a broadcaster, actor, performing talent of some kind.

– They want to ‘be seen’ to grow their reputation.
– They may be looking to use their show to build their portfolio for a job at a media company.

• The “Broadcaster’s” primary focus is likely to be streams andreach (exposure) to grow their reputation or showcase their abilities.

Message “Look at me.  Like me.

This is the person that has a day job that benefits from having a podcast as a supplement.

– They want to share their expertise in order to gain trust from a specific audience.
– They are most likely trying to convert sales offline or on their website.

• The “Business Person’s” primary focus is likely to be highly targeted audience (size doesn’t matter if a small loyal group become clients).

Message “Go to my website and hire me.

This person wants to create a podcast as a business or revenue-bearing entity.

– They want to create content that is optimized for maximum impact for commerce.
– They want to grow a big following in order to sell advertising or affiliate sales.

• The “Startup’s” primary focus is likely to be download metrics that can be impactful in sales messaging to advertisers and affiliate partners.

Message “Listen to my ad and follow my affiliate link.

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