Meet Lauren and Erica

Hosts Lauren Germinario and Erica Weiner are entrepreneurs, using their talent and experience as coaches to help others achieve better lives, both personally and professionally. 

Lauren has been a full time entrepreneur since 2014. As a Business Coach, she loves to challenge people to analyze their learned beliefs, create their own status quo, and utilize the law of attraction to craft the life of their dream.

Erica hustles as a Holistic Health Coach, specializing in sleep optimization, natural anxiety management & stress management for your autoimmune disease.

About The Show

On There’s a Hack For That, hosts Lauren Germinario and Erica Weiner share hacks of all sorts to up-level your life, health and business. You can expect unique episodes covering topics such as overcoming decision fatigue, breaking behavior patterns, biohacking and more!

This show features guests from all backgrounds to provide their insight and tips on how to better hack your life! 

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