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Alex Triener

Hosted by Andy Petek

In this episode, Andy interviews Alex Triener.  A disruptive entrepreneur and inventor, Alex is now Founder and CEO of, a website that helps users create product based businesses from idea to commerce using online course content, recommended vendors, and framework for everything from test marketing, fundraising, product design, manufacturing, distribution, and more.
Hear Alex’s unique story from starting to health companies (one for humans and one for pets) to working with a unique founder lab to bring Productified to life.  Alex was selected from a pool of hundreds of entrepreneurs to be the founder of this brand and works with the support of an amazing organization.

Check out !  It’s free to use and an invaluable tool for anyone considering the path of building a product-based business.  Mention this episode of Daydreampreneur (“Andy’s Podcast”) for a free one-on-one consultation, and freelancing discounts!

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