Business Hack:

The Power of

Video and Storytelling

with Andy Petek

On today’s episode, Erica and Lauren interview Andy Petek, Founder & CEO of DayDreamer Media. We cover why video is such a game-changing tool for business of all shapes and sizes, some creative ways to use video to grow your business, whether or not we have to hire a professional agency to get started and of course we live you with a bunch of practical tips and hacks for getting better at telling your story on video.

Andy’s tips are:

  • Know what sets you apart
  • Add value
  • Be approachable and relatable
  • Make a plan and outline your content
  • Be an expert

We go deep into the meaning behind those 5 tips and how to start implementing them today, so be sure to give this episode a listen and then head over to our Instagram and let us know what you learned on the episode’s post! We love hearing from you and connecting with you

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