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with Greg Walker

Today, author and former special forces officer Greg Walker shares the little-known story of a David Baez, a green beret defector. Baez was a Nicaraguan national whose father was killed by U.S.-backed President Samosa after voicing his displeasure with inequalities that had risen under Samosa’s rule. After immigrating the U.S. and joining the Army (and then Special Forces), Baez found himself in El Salvador watching the country he served try to re-institute the rule of a dynasty that had done personal harm to his own family. Baez defected to Nicaragua in support of Sandinista revolutionary forces–despite the danger it posed to his American brothers in arms.

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Check out Part 1 of Greg’s series on Baez, A defector in place: The strange and terrible saga of a Green Beret Sandinistahere.


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