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Getting Out

of Reality

Dating Shows?

Hosted by Amanda Long & Julia Dyer 

This week, Amanda and Julia tackle the wild and wacky range of reality dating shows. From the Bachelor to FBoy Island, they discuss the looks and behavior of the contestants and the never ending heteronormativity of TV dating. Why are we so intrigued by watching a gaggle of hot guys and girls be mean to each other? Does cattiness make a show better, or ruin it? We all know not everything on reality TV is real, but it would certainly be easy to make earnest connections when you’re isolated and stuck on and island with no phone, friends, or family.  Dipping into a different kind of reality TV relationship, 90-Day Fiancee  seems to cast “normal” people over walking hot messes. Juli and Amanda ask what’s so intriguing about watching our immigrations system at work. Is it easier to form parasocial connections with reality stars who feel more real, or those who feel polished and airbrushed?

This is the season one finale. Tune back in in six to eight weeks for season two!

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