Daily Menswear


with host

Madelynne Brazile and

guest Ashley DePriest

Men’s Stylist Ashley DePriest started her styling career in NYC with high profile clients who wanted no-nonsense, simple guidance and help building both professional and casual wardrobes that would speak volumes about them at work, with clients, and around the town without a single spoken word necessary.  In this episode, we talk about the mindset and process for building such a wardrobe from scratch and how to know what to wear when.

No matter how you were raised or what your outfits currently look like, you are more than worthy of a wardrobe that speaks for you when you walk into any room!  I so enjoyed sitting down with Ashley to work through getting you there.

 Join us as we talk through the answers to questions like:

  • What kind of shopping and dressing rules should men live by?
  • Do men have to worry about shopping ‘timeless’ pieces versus ‘fashion’ items?
  • How do men buy the right pieces and outfits from the start?
  • How do you create go-to outfits for work and the office?
  • How do you create go-to outfits for more casual settings?
  • Are Allbirds ever appropriate?
  • What to do when you don’t know what to wear?
  • As women, how do we politely encourage the men in our life to care about their appearance?
  • What about if you’re stuck outside in the heat but still need to look professional?  Is it possible to not get sweaty in a blazer?

This episode is great for young professionals, seasoned professionals, college students, and recent graduates alike will benefit from Ashley’s pointed advice for building an impressive men’s wardrobe whether you’re on a budget or have some cash to spend.  

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