Daydreamer Studios.

Daydreamer Studios is a full-service production studio providing podcast creators with a turnkey solution to save time and money making their program the best quality possible.

We use high-definition virtual recording software with compressionless audio and 4K video capabilities.

We coordinate recordings, provide detailed instructions for all of your guests, record sessions with producers online to monitor, content edit, audio engineer, host, publish, and coach you through the whole process.

Who We Work With.

 NEW PODCASTERS.  Ready to dive into the world of podcasting?  Let us help by taking all the technical stuff off your plate so you can focus on the best content for your new audience!

EXISTING PODCASTERS. Do you want to focus on your content and offload all of the production headaches from equipment, editing, and publishing?  Let us join your team!

CONTENT CREATORS.  Do you have a successful YouTube channel or blog?  Want to figure out how to transition your content to audio and create a multi-channel maximization of your content?  We’re here to help.


Are you ready to get started with your podcast production team?  Fill out this form and we’ll get in touch.

If the fit is right, we’ll get you set up on communication channels and introduce you to your producer, coordinator, and contributors from Team Daydreamer.

We look forward to working together and all the possibilities ahead.


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• Advanced booking with instructions for your guests included in calendar links.

• Reminders and activation links for everyone to join the online studio on the day of the recording.



• Producer on your recording to monitor wifi connectivity, equipment performance, and audio levels for all participants.

• Up to 6 participants on each recording.  Space for multi-host or multi-guest formats.



• Recording video files available with 4k quality.

• Up to 60 minutes of recording per podcast session.

• Delivered in any video format via Google Drive.




• Clear pauses and mistakes.  Delete any unwanted ‘tangents.’

• Clean filler words (“um,” “like,” “ya know,” etc.)




• Leveling and mastering.

• Intro/Outro production and implementation.

• Music and effects.




• Hosting upload and processing of all episodes on set weekly production schedule.

• Publishing to 22 podcast directories.