Cultural Cachet:

Sex, Love, and Education: Understanding

Modern Relationships Through the Theories of Esther Perel

Hosted by Amanda Long & Julia Dyer 

In America, 40% of people describe their first sexual experience as bad; as opposed to only 10-15% of people in the Netherlands sharing that sentiment. What accounts for such a difference? In this episode Amanda and Julia talk sex, love, and education by unpacking some of the theories put forth by Belgian psychotherapist Esther Perel. They point out that sex education in America is devoted entirely to anatomy and abstinence, without any discussion of communication or feelings. They highlight some of the historical gender myths around sex. And they try to understand why we want more and more from our partners, and what happens when we don’t get everything we need. Then, using the Showtime series Couples Therapy as a backdrop, Amanda and Julia look at ways couples navigate modern relationships – identifying repetitive narratives and giving space for each individual’s personal history.

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