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In this episode, Matison answers YOUR questions for a Q and A special. She answers commonly asked questions about acting such as the process for getting into character. Matison also goes over some hard truths about artist problems and how to avoid them. Some other important advice for artists and models alike on topics such as how to avoid getting scammed and scams as an influencer and how to address the pay gap in the art industry and acting industry.

Who this Episode is Great For

This episode is great for beginning actors just starting out in the acting industry, is trying to get an acting career, and is looking for helpful tips on how to be successful in the acting industry. It’s great for people just starting out in the acting world who want to know how to avoid getting scammed as an artist, how actors should practice for the role, understanding political issues in the art industry as well as political issues in the acting industry, and compensation as an actor and how to make sure you are being compensated fairly.

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