Meet Hina & Momi

Hina and Momi are best friends, partners in crime, roommates, and fan-girls in arms. Currently based out of Nashville, TN, both women were born and raised in Hawai’i. 

While YA Romance and Epic Fantasy novels are her happy place, Momi is also an avid comic book reader turned MCU/DCU fangirl. Momi is a twitch streamer, partial to first person shooter and RPG games. Despite her affinity for anything action, horror or Sci-Fy, Momi is above all an entertainment-lover, always down to buy the movie tickets, as long as you pay for snacks. 

Hina is a proud murderino, and documentary enthusiast. Just like Momi, she enjoys action and mehame, but only when it’s based on true events. She describes her life in terms of BOTH and AOTH – before One Tree Hill, and after One Tree Hill, respectively. Her daily media diet usually consists of Youtube Video Essays, Cooking shows, and Reality TV Dating shows that infuriate her to no end, but she can’t seem to stop watching.


About The Show

Do you have unprocessed trauma around Disney Princess Movies? Does mother Gothel remind you of your mom? Confused and Horrified that you’re still attracted to Khal Drogo despite how awful he is to Khaleesi? You aren’t alone! Every week, Momi and Hina sit down to psycho-analyze fictional relationships from television and film. It’s just like therapy, minus the licensed professional (plus+ booze and swearing).


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