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Overcoming Adversity and Deconstructing Limiting Beliefs with Dr. Benjamin Ritter

Hosted by Andy Petek

Today, Andy sits down with Dr. Benjamin Ritter. Ben has experience as a  coach and in the medical field. After college he felt lost, and struggled to find what he really wanted to do. A chance encounter got Ben hired as a men’s coach, and he built his own coaching business on the side, while working in the medical industry, in order to create a brand for his book. Being proactive over reactive and taking a moment to check in with yourself is one of his keys to success.

Ben helps people create a career they love through personal accountability and empowerment to develop the leader that’s already within to help them create the career and life they want.

Connect with Ben:
Podcast: Live for Yourself Revolution
YouTube: Dr. Benjamin Ritter
LinkedIn: Dr. Benjamin Ritter

IG: @daydreampreneur