StartUp Tools:

Online Publishing & Content Creation

with guest

Madelynne Brazile

Hosted by Andy Petek

On today’s episode, Andy welcomes Madelynne Brazile, the Director of Strategy at Daydreamer Media to talk about online publishing and promoting content on the various social media platforms.  This is a broad overview for the Daydreampreneur side hustle series looking at something that nearly everyone wants to do…publishing online!

• They discuss the three main forms of long-form online publishing (podcasting, video, and blogging).  

• Andy and Madelynne cover the different types of content creators and the motivations they have to get into publishing online.

• Madelynne advises on the various forms of social media to utilize for each type of creator.  They cover Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Clubhouse and LinkedIn.

• Finally, they talk about resources to get started with “side hustling” and what you need to do if you want your audio, video, or written publishing project to grow and become a business.

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