Never Tell a Woman She Looks Pregnant & Other Things Not to Say to People

with Maryellen Dance

In this episode, Maryellen shares funny personal stories while educating on eating disorder awareness.

Maryellen begins by sharing a story of how a woman recently asked her if she was pregnant and when Maryellen said no the woman responded by saying “Oh, it just looked like it”. Obviously this is not a nice thing to say. But what if you told someone with an eating disorder this? Or what about someone who is struggling with fertility? Or just lost a child? Take away the fact that it isn’t nice…saying these types of things can be downright dangerous.

So Maryellen dives into ways to be aware of how we speak to others so as not to trigger someone with an eating disorder.

  • Way to be Aware #1: Don’t comment on other people’s bodies. Even if it’s positive! Listen above as to why that can be just as dangerous
  • Way to be Aware #2: Be careful of the words you’re using. Are you using “skinny” or “healthy”? Are you using the words “fat” or “unhealthy”? Eating Disorder awareness often starts with the simple verbiage we use
  • Way to be Aware #3: Recognize that other people’s mindsets are different than yours. Listen  to the episode about mindset and what that trendy term actually means

Extra Resources on Eating Disorder Awareness: Learn more about how to get help, how to show support, and get involved in this deadly disease : If you need help right now, contact this eating disorder hotline And another help line for those struggling with eating disorders