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and Intimacy

with Allison Cruz

In this week’s episode, Erica and Lauren chat with Men’s Intimacy Coach Allison Cruz. Though Allison specializes in working with cisgender men, we unpack this conversation so that it’s relatable and usable for anyone.

We explore what sexuality is and Allison shares her 5-part definition of sexuality that will open your eyes to how complex and transformative sexuality can be. We discuss sexual shadow work (one of Allison’s specialties), inner-child healing and of course plenty of tips, strategies and practices you can use to connect with your body and sexuality to truly transform and call in the intimacy you desire.

We do cover some sensitive topics in this episode so here is your trigger warning for anyone who has dealt with sexual abuse or trauma in the past.

Allison is currently offering a group coaching program for men called Sex Beast: a 6-week initiation into your primal nature. This program offers a space for men to consciously explore, honor and activate their inner animal aka the wild man which is a part of male sexuality that often gets overlooked. Mention this podcast and get 20% off. Be sure to act fast, registration closes Nov 11th. 

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