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On today’s episode, Erica and Lauren interview Austin Cooper, founder of SoberEvolution. January is a time where many choose to do dry January (refrain from alcohol/substances) to reset after the holiday season. That’s why we wanted to feature Austin’s inspiring recovery story.

He’s been sober since 2013 and ever since he has been on a mission to provide a safe space for others to explore sobriety and recovery. His Instagram is full of encouraging messages and he even does a feature called Friday Night Live where he brings on guests to share their stories (you can catch the replay of Austin’s interview with Erica here where they discuss depression and anxiety as it relates to recovery:

This episode is for you if:

  • You participate in dry January
  • Are sober
  • You are exploring sobriety or
  • Are curious about the experience of others going through any of the above.

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Disclaimer: Nothing in this episode is meant to replace advice from a licensed professional. We are sharing our own experiences and giving medical or mental health advice. Please see your licensed medical or mental health professional for guidance.  

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