Know, Grow

and Love

Your Money

with Paige Pritchard

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On today’s episode, Erica and Lauren interview Paige Pritchard, host of The Money Love Podcast and Money Mindset Coach.

We unpack all things money mindset today! Including what is money mindset and why we all need to pay attention to our own, some common limiting beliefs and lies people believe about money, whether or not we need to be scared of debt or budget to save money and of course we leave you with all kinds of hacks for cultivating a health money mindset so you can know, grow and love your money!

Paige explains how we can all grow wealth, but it has to be intentional.

We know you’re going to love today’s convo!

And if you want more of our guest, then you’re in luck! We will be having a virtual money mindset workshop on April 29th and Paige will be our workshop host. We’ll have full details released soon. Check our instagram to stay updated on the info!

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