Life Hack:

Goal Setting

with Jacki Carr


Listen to a short exerpt

On today’s episode, Lauren and Erica unpack the chaos and uncertainty of 2020 with Goal Coach Jacki Carr. We learned that goal setting really starts with understanding your values. Jacki walks us through what that means and how each of us can start defining our values to then eventually find our own goal setting style. This conversation is the perfect way to take a look this year and put some intention into the new year ahead. Jacki shares with us 4 hacks in our chat that may give some new perspective on “goal setting”.

The 4 hacks we will cover on today’s episode are:

1 – Setting goals is not the first step

2 – Who is on your “Board of Directors”

3 – Give yourself permission to be an impostor 

4 – Goal Auditing

Stick around till the end of the episode to hear Jacki’s beautiful and poignant definition of “life hack”


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