Life Hack:

Getting Started

with Personal


with Teri Poulter

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In today’s episode, Lauren and Erica chat with Tori Poulter, founder of The Coaching Success Group, about how personal development has impacted their lives. Tori shares how her recent transition into coaching was prompted by a particularly impactful round of personal development that led her to take all the things she had learned in her successful 25+ year corporate career in the beauty industry and focus on helping women find the power to choose joy and grow their life and business. 

The 3 hacks we will cover on today’s episode are:

1 – How to get started in personal development

2 – Why mindset is critical to your success

3 – Multi-tasking is lying to you


Check out the book Deep Work by Cal Newport as Tori and Erica mentioned in our conversation.

Stick around till the end of the episode to hear why Tori’s ultimate life hack is to stop apologizing. 

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