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with Joe Buckner

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In today’s episode, Lauren and Erica chat with entrepreneur, speaker, coach, ambassador, and mastermind leader Joe Buckner. Founder of Beautifully Savage Boxing Gym in Fort Collins, CO, Joe shares his story that is rooted in the mindset that “fighting solves everything”. This may come off initially as counterintuitive but once you hear his story of resilience, perseverance, surrender, and abundance we know you will be as soulfully impacted as we were from this conversation. We touch on everything from self-awareness and accountability to hacks on how to achieve abundance no matter where you are in your journey. 

The hacks we cover in today’s episode are:

1 – Be a sponge! Immerse yourself in what excites you and what you’re curious about.

2 – Stay detached from the outcome

3 – Be innovative: find the “hole” in the market you’re interested in

4 – You’re abundance does not have to look like anyone else’s abundance

5 – Audit who you give your attention to, that’s why it’s called “paying” attention

6 – Your network will become your net worth

Don’t miss Joe’s ultimate life hack at the end of the episode. He will help you realize the truth behind his quote “ you can’t aspire to things you’ve never seen”.


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