Life Hack:

Cultivating Healthy Relationships

with Dr. Brittany Woolford

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On today’s episode, Erica and Lauren chat with Dr. Brittany Woolford, Psychologist, Relationship Therapist/Coach and Owner of Lone Wolf Psychological Services. We all know that relationships are important, but understanding how to have healthy relationships can be something missing in our lives! In today’s conversation we talk about what gets in the way of people having healthy relationships, what love, romance and relationships look like in the middle of a pandemic, attachment styles and of course a few hacks for cultivating healthy relationships whether you’re currently in a relationship or single and looking for love.

Some of the hacks we cover are:

  1. Seeking preventative measures in your relationship before there’s an issue.
  2. Continue to date each other.
  3. Be forever curious! Ask questions and get to know your partner.
  4. The 6 second kiss (you’ll just have to tune in to learn about this one!)
  5. The Gottman Institute resources (linked below).


Books to read to learn more about attachment styles:

The Gottman Institute 


The Power of Attachment 

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