Spycraft 101:

Licensed to Kill: The Couple That Inspired James Bond

with Dr. Richard Wooldridge

It’s Mason, Peter Mason. Today, guest Dr. Richard Wooldridge dives into the interesting lives of talented MI6 agents Prudence and Peter Mason. Part of a specialized unit called the Baker Team that sought to even the score with war criminals who had faced no repercussions following World War II, Peter Mason was literally licensed by the British government to kill. Speculation suggests that Peter–who knew Ian Fleming himself–is the chief inspiration for the most famous fictional intelligence agent in our cultural lexicon: James Bond. And what about Prudence? Despite a slim information available, we know she played a formative part in many missions abroad (in high-stakes locations like British Palestine) thanks to her impressive linguistic skills.

Check out the Combined Military Services Museum, founded by Dr. Wooldridge, here.       https://cmsm.co.uk/

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