Is This


Thing Worth It?

with Maryellen Dance

Maryellen starts off the brand new year of being Okay-ish with taking about the oh so trendy term, manifestation.

Maryellen does this by giving background on where this term came from. Maryellen explains a bit of history about positive psychology ( for more infor: and how that led to an increased interest in the Law of Attraction starting with Rhonda Byrnes’ book The Secret in 2006 (interested in the book? ).

Maryellen goes on to explain how positive psychology and the law of attraction work together. Maryellen admits that the law of attraction is actually a pseudo science (meaning that it is not based in scientific evidence) but there is some science behind positive thinking:

  • Positive Thoughts lead to Positive Feelings. The basis of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is that thoughts lead to feelings which lead to behaviors. With this idea, if we think positively, then feel positively, we’re going to act more positively.
  • Cognitive Accessibility: The things that we think about all the time, are cognitively accessible (ie: in the front of our brains). This means, if I am thinking about a million dollars all the time, then maybe, since it’s so cognitively accessible, I will be more open and aware of opportunities to get this million dollars.

Interested in learning more about the law of attraction? Check out the book Maryellen’s therapist recommended to her: