Life Hack:

Connecting with your Highest Self Through Meditation

with guest

Sandy Vo


On today’s episode, Erica and Lauren interview Sandy Vo, Meditation Teacher and Founder of the Royal Glow Meditation Retreat.. We know you’re going to love and connect with Sandy’s story. Sandy’s karmic mission is to revolutionize modern living by introducing a new level of functionality~ one that elevates our energy, rest, healing while your pain, suffering, old habits become dissolved. We talk about what it means to embody our highest self and how to use meditation as a tool to experience that.

Sandy also shares some practical steps and tips for anyone who wants to develop their own meditation practice and also what to do as you continue down your journey of alignment and how to handle some of the common challenges and obstacles that come up.

How to work with Sandy:

Sandy is the Founder of Prosperous: School of Self-Realization, a 90 female leadership program now open for enrollment. Visit her online sanctuary to learn more:

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