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Magic of Your

Monthly Cycle

with Vianney Leigh

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On today’s episode, Erica and Lauren interview Vianney Leigh, certified life & success coach, menstrual cycle alignment expert, and host of the Periods & Power Moves Podcast.

This episode is for anyone with a monthly menstrual cycle who is tired of resisting their body and using all their energy fighting against their cycle. Today, Vianney teaches us what’s possible when we stop resisting our monthly cycle and start working with our cycle superpowers.

As women, or anyone with a period, our monthly menstrual cycle means that we have a different body each week based on the hormones that are moving through our body. Different hormones will determine how we feel, how well we make decisions and how much rest we need and so much more. Your body is giving you very clear’s time for you to welcome them in and learn to interpret them.

Vianney covers our inner-seasons and so many strategies for aligning with your cycle instead of resisting it. You’re definitely going to want to listen to this episode a few times and check out all the resources we’ve listed below.

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