Life Hack:

Plant Parenting

with guest

Stephanie Esposito

 In this week’s episode, Erica and Lauren interview Stephanie Esposito, owner of Denver’s best pop up plant shop. House plants became a major trend in these pandemic times so we needed to bring in an expert. In our conversation, we share our plant parenting stories, hacks, perfect first plants, and more. 

Here are the hacks Stephanie shares: 

  1. Examine plants before you buy
  2. Window direction matters
  3. Research your plants to find out if they are pet friendly
  4. Leave your plants in the plastic nursery containers for better drainage
  5. Embrace trial and error (it’s okay to kill a plant)
  6. Your plants will tell you what they need, if you’re paying attention

Beginner Plants:

Dragon Tree (Draecena)

Snake Plants

ZZ Plants


Lauren’s favorite plant app: PlantIn 

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Find the potting mats mentioned in the episode HERE!

Instructions and examples of these hacks are in the episode.

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