Health Hack:

Hack for your

Nervous System

with guest Shantai Watson

In this week’s episode, Erica and Lauren interview Dr. Shantai Watson, Doctor of Chiropractic and Co-Owner of Eastridge Chiropractic Company in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. In our conversation, we cover everything from what is chiropractic care to how our nervous systems work (there is more than one!), and ways to reduce our stress in order to interact with the world at our highest evolutionary ability.

If you’ve never heard of your social vagus nervous system responses (your rest and digest response) you’re going to want to listen to Dr. Watson’s hacks for how to access it and how it can help you feel more at peace and present in your life. 

Here are the hacks Dr. Watson shares to activate your social vagus nervous system:

  1. The Uvula Test
  2. Box Breathing
  3. Heart Rate Variability

Instructions and examples of these hacks are in the episode. 

We know you’re going to love this conversation!

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