Health Hack:

Health Hack: Detoxification is the First Step

to a Happier, Healthier You

with Daniel Turk


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On today’s episode, Erica sits down with Daniel Turk who is a Board Certified Integrative Health Practitioner and Health Advocate. He is the moderator for the IHPC Institute where he provides ongoing Q&A Support for others in his field, and also runs his own virtual practice helping people across the US through sub-clinical lab testing and a variety of programs to help them overcome chronic conditions to achieve their health goals.

In this episode, we’ll cover things like toxic burden, what a functional medicine detox is and who might benefit from doing one. You’ll also learn how to tell whether a protocol you’re doing is a true functional medicine detox or not.

We’ll also share some hacks and tips for making your first detox as painless as possible and how to continue supporting your body’s ability to detox in everyday life.

Please note that nothing shared in this episode is medical advice. Check with a qualified health practitioner on whether or not detox would be a good idea for you.

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Resources and studies mentioned during the episode:

Modulation of Metabolic Detoxification Pathways Using Foods and Food-Derived Components

TSCA Chemical Substance Inventory

 EWG Clean 15/ Dirty Dozen

 Excretion of Toxic Elements in Sweat

 The 10 American Study by The Environmental Working Group (video)




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