Meet Sophie

As a production manager for a major music licensing company, Sophie DeWitt understands how media tells a story. A trained sociologist, with a background in documentary media and a love for culture and conversation, she is fascinated by what we love and how that reflects who we are. 

About The Show

Have you worked out that “Top 5 Greatest of All Time” playlist? What about your “Top 5 Favorite Movie Openers”? Can the things you like tell us a story about who you really are? Every week on this podcast, we chew the flavor out of a new “Top 5” list. No way are these listicles. They may just be the most unexpected openers to the richness of our inner lives. Because, when we talk about your Top 5 Best Ways to Cook a Street Taco, we may just be getting at how much you love or hate your brother. If you’ve already nailed that “Top 5 What not to do’s’” in adulting, you are not alone, welcome to the Top 5 Ways of Being Human Podcast.


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