Feeling and Showing Gratitude 

with Maryellen Dance

With Christmas right around the corner, Maryellen talks about gratitude. Yes, gratitude is super trendy right now, everyone seems to be making daily gratitude lists…but why is it trendy? And does it help?

Maryellen delves into this topic by sharing things that she has done WRONG when trying to feel gratitude and add gratitude as a daily practice:

  1. Forcing yourself to be grateful for things. That is just going to create frustration and resentment; the opposite of what we want to do with gratitude!
  2. Feeling pressure to be grateful for everything! It’s okay to just focus on a few things to be grateful for.
  3. “Brainstorming” what to be grateful for. It shouldn’t be that much work!

So let’s all be grateful, but let’s try to do it organically and naturally!