Meet Emily

Emily Henry is a plant-based fitness and lifestyle performance coach.  She works with dedicated women ready to make sustainable lifestyle changes in physical, mental and emotional health.  From teaching plant-based nutrition for beginner to conditioning competitive athletes that eat a vegan diet, Emily specializes in everything plant-based.

About The Show

Empowered By Plants is an in-depth dive into the world of plant-based diet and lifestyle.  Emily covers topics of all types including vegan cooking, eating out on a plant-based diet, surviving the holidays, managing nutrients for fitness and athletic performance and much more!  Tune in for informative lessons from Emily and conversations with great guests!


Empowered By Plants is now available on all major directories including Apple Podcast, Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, Amazon Alexa and TuneIn, Podchaser, Castro and many more!  Subscribe on your preferred platform and get new episodes every Thursday!


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