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In this episode of House of Card, Matison announces that she will be streaming every day on a new streaming platform for the next three months. She talks about the differences between doing a live stream and performing as an actor, whether it be on a film set or in theatre production, and the overall lack of prepping available to streamers compared to other occupations such as a social media influencer. Matison also goes into the hardships of being a female streamer and how the sexualization of women in the media, such as the reporting from news sites regarding the Georgia spa shooting, affects the treatment of women online. She then finishes the episode off by talking about the importance of taking multiple acting jobs, how to deal with the predatory nature of the music industry, and how actors can sometimes be so good at acting they trick themselves into thinking that the scenes they’re performing are real.

This episode is great for beginning actors just starting out in the acting industry, are trying to get an acting career, and are looking for helpful tips on how to be successful in the acting industry. It’s great for people just starting out in the acting world who want to know how to take on enough gigs to focus on only creative work, how actors should be expanding their scope of influence, understanding political issues in the art industry as well as political issues in the acting industry, and how to avoid the predatory nature of any creative industry.

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