Meet Amanda & Julia

Amanda is an actress with a background in communication and media. She is also a New York transplant, veteran of the hospitality industry, and participant in many forms of therapeutic modalities. It’s through this distinctive lens that Amanda asks questions about the world, and hopes to engage the listeners of Cultural Cachet.

Julia is a private chef and caterer with an education in film theory and history. She is currently cultivating a fruit orchard and working on a project in agriscaping. She looks to make connections from a diversity of media sources to articulate something about where we find ourselves now. A lifelong New Yorker with just enough of an accent, in her opinion.

About The Show

 Cultural Cachet is a conversation podcast dissecting culture by breaking down narratives and unpacking baggage. Amanda and Julia dive into current events, movies, television, sports and dating by asking the big questions.

What does it all mean?

What’s all the fuss about?

Consider the world through the unique lens of Cultural Cachet each week on Thursdays!


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