Business Hack:

Social Media

Marketing 101

with Elicia Strazzeri

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In today’s episode, Lauren and Erica chat with social media manager Elicia Strazzeri about some of the basics of social media marketing for small business owners and influencers. Social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools in commerce but it can feel like an overwhelming task for business owners. Social media management can fill a huge need in the marketplace but if you’re not ready to hire someone to help Elicia has some awesome wisdom and hacks to help you take the first steps yourself. 

The hacks we cover on today’s episode are:

1 – Be resourceful as you learn how to leverage social media for your business

2 – Take action! Don’t be afraid to fail.

3 – Be authentic

4 – Take advantage of apps! They help save time and fill knowledge gaps.

Planoly – Instagram content planning and scheduling

Canva – free and easy to use graphic design site and app

Unsplash – royalty free photography images for web and social media use

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