Shoutout Colorado:

“Meet Andy Petek:

Entrepreneur &

Startup Investor”



We had the good fortune of connecting with Andy Petek and we’ve shared our conversation below.

“Although I hate the phrase, I’m what people call a ‘serial entrepreneur.’ My focus changes with the wind and my team chases opportunities to make change as they present themselves. The common denominator is all of my companies service the small business community. Over the past 10 years, I’ve taken more risks than I could explain in 10 hours. I’ve seen very high highs and multiple rock bottoms.”

“I’ll never stop chasing my dreams and when I discovered my core dream and calling is to help others realize theirs, it was full steam ahead. My marketing agency, KingMaker Protocol, does product and business development for craft food and beverage companies. I used to work in big beverage wholesale and later owned a small brewery. At the time I consulted with several other producers to subsidize my startup and that ended up becoming this agency that now helps dozens of businesses each year. In 2020, we started discount, scholarship, and investment programs to support the ‘farmer’s market’-sized companies that we service in Colorado and around the United States. I also have a production business in Seattle that puts on small beer and wine tasting events to promote the smallest and most unique producers by curating lineups in different product themes throughout the year. We took a year off with the pandemic, but when events can resume, we’ll be providing these consumer engaging events in Seattle and Denver. In the past few years, these events have helped build small businesses and grown ‘tribes’ around some of the most interesting micro and nano-sized producers with the festivals, media projects, competitions, and more.”

“In 2020, my main project became a startup media company called Daydreamer Media. We’ve developed an online network that is dedicated to changing the future of digital storytelling, mainly with podcasts. In addition, we’re developing video channels, streaming systems, blogging, and traditional publishing projects. We empower unique storytellers from around the country to share their stories and expertise for the growing podcast and YouTube consumer communities. I expect this project to reach millions of people in 2021 and beyond with uplifting content for education and social change. Finally, in 2021, I’m building a non-profit that is focused on mental health among entrepreneurs and small business owners. A lot of research exists around mental health in high-stress occupations like medical professionals, public officials, police and firefighters. Although the community of self-employed Americans is exploding, very little data exists around their mental health. Private health insurance is very expensive and more small business owners than ever are foregoing medical insurance for financial reasons. Even if they do shell out the money, most of these plans don’t cover mental health. We’re setting out to produce; 1.) Media – podcasts and documentary video, 2.) Research – a database of metrics from in-person and virtual interviews about mindset, relationships, finances, family, and health, and 3.) Events – public workshops and seminars to aid this community. We hope to influence the community, local policymakers, and some health service providers for development of resources for small business owners. Everything I do is in service of young entrepreneurs and small business owners. I do a lot of mentoring and coaching. My mission is to help as many people as possible bring their dreams to life. Our motto at the marketing agency is “farm-to-table and idea-to-commerce.” I believe in dream-to-reality for everyone.”