It’s Okay to be

Okay-ish Journal

 Maryellen’s Blog


It’s Okay to be Okay-ish Journal focuses on joy, authenticity and growth. Throughout the journal you’ll be asked about these three things to inspire your year-long journey. Daily, weekly and monthly journaling prompts will lead you toward creating an okay-ish life.Maryellen, host of the “Okay-ish” podcast on Daydreamer Network, says, “we are currently living in a crippling self-improvement culture. This era of self-care is adding pressure to be perfect and simplifying true, deep mental health concerns.That’s where I come in. I am not going to tell you to be perfect. I just want you to be Okay-ish. Just like I am. I’m here to educate, explain, support, and yes, even empower, you to become your most Okay-ish self. Enjoy the journey!

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